Selling of Female donkey feces

Female donkey feces or amber Nesa has many medicinal properties that have many manufacturers and customers, especially in Iran and Afghanistan. Among the healing properties of amber Nessa are: disinfectant, anti-cold, anti-infectious diseases, treatment of earache, helping to heal wounds, treatment of various types of wounds, treatment of toothaches caused by cold, treatment of uterine infection, treatment of uterine fungus, treatment of uterine wounds , Treatment of various fibroid diseases as well as abnormal uterine bleeding, which makes this animal feces valuable. Some studies have even mentioned its antiviral properties, such as its effect on the corona virus.

How to maintenance and store Nessa amber: Store Nessa amber in a plastic bag in a dry place to preserve it. Healthy Nessa amber that is not broken will maintain its quality better. Because you are under pressure, break the amber and break it if you destroy it. How to identify high quality Nessa amber: High quality Nessa amber has a burnt blackish brown color and has a similar shape. High quality Nessa amber. Order to buy Nessa amber: Use the form below to order the amount of relative element you need or call the following phone number.

Buy a female donkey or donkey: If you need any female or male donkey, also order the purchase of a female donkey to be provided as soon as possible. The price of female donkey products and the daily price of Nessa amber: The wholesale price of Nessa amber: Each kilo of Nessa amber, which includes about 125 pieces of Nessa amber, is 100,000 Tomans. Price per kilo of female donkey milk: 85 thousand tomans The price of a young female donkey: 3.5 million Tomans Price of young male ass: 2 million Tomans Price of donkey butter: 1.5 million Tomans. How to use Nessa amber: The most common way to use Nessa passers-by is to burn it and inhale its smoke. A method that is rarely used is to boil amber and drink its decoction, which is said to be useful for stomach diseases. It is sometimes used in hookah with tobacco mixture.

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